Live casinos or “live” casinos give the player the opportunity to play with real dealers without the need of visiting a brick and mortar casino but using only an online resource.

The real dealers are in special studios with video cameras, and this is where from the game is being broadcasted. There are specific chat systems, where a player is able to ask questions and place bets from his account from anywhere. Just like in physical casino in the online version real money is bet, won and lost. In order to be able to play in online casino, you should not be underage and online live gaming should be legal to play, where you are located, and of course, gambling should always be done responsibly.

If you are new in gaming, you can easily confuse live casinos with online casinos. However, there are some major differences between the platforms.

Although the user of a live casino participates in games remotely, he interacts with real people. Let’s take the dice rolls. In the online casino they are determined by a random number generator, while in the live casino, the dealer is responsible for this. The result is also random, but the game takes longer as the dealer interacts with the users.

However, building live а casino may take a lot longer in terms of time and a lot more in terms of investment, a way for an easier way to open a live casino is a casino white label solution. In the studio from which the broadcast is being conducted, there must be an operator and a croupier, a technology is needed to communicate with the players and also a live casino software.

The games that the live casinos offer are usually most of the existing table games with familiar rules.

Live roulette is on the top positions of games played in live casinos. The wheel is spun by a real stickman, in the role of which is most often an attractive girl. The experience is the same as playing it in physical casino – with all the realistic sounds and communication.

One of the most popular type of poker – Texas Hold’em is also widely available in live casinos. The client can always choose a table suitable for himself, based on the style of play and the bet’s size.

Live blackjack offers players a wide variety of rules and deals, and one of the most popular options is the classic seven-card type. Playing Baccarat with a live dealer allows the player to observe the process from several angles at once, as well as view statistics and previously made moves.

The players who prefer physical casinos are more likely to say that what they are enjoying the most is the experience and contact with dealers among a casino’s benefits.

The professionals who work as live dealers in live casinos are qualified for their job, they are not just a support worker at a poker table or roulette game, but also a friendly host who is engaged in chatting and of course with a pleasant appearance.

Like most online casino games, a game with a live dealer is available at any time of the day. Studios shoot around the clock, dealers, and film crews work on shifts. Whenever the customer feels like playing, what he needs to do is simply reach for his device and enter the live casino. By playing with live dealers at real tables, users have the opportunity to try out their new strategies in order to practice and achieve great results.

Live casinos have some other advantages:

  • extended set of settings;
  • nice design;
  • no deception: cameras in the studio record all actions;
  • constant communication with the support service;
  • attention to the needs of the player.

In conclusion we may say that today online casino platforms offer the players many options, ranging from block-chain casinos to online reality games. Live casinos are a comparatively new type of online betting, which shows the action occurring in outdated casino venues. Live Casino gives you an amazing online experience with Live Dealers. Interacting with the live dealers gives you the same experience as you are in a land-based casino.

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