This month we would like to introduce you to the Chief Technology Officer of Betstarters company – Marco Zucco. With more than 15 years of experience working in the betting industry, he is a valuable resource of knowledge and experience for the company.

He occupies one of the most important roles in Betstarters. THE CTO’s responsibilities depend on a number of factors: business processing style, the number of in-house and outsourced workers, and many more. Marco Zucco is taking care of internal business operation processes and developing products. He is in fact the public face of the tech department. In simple terms, the CTO thinks about the future, maps it, and then implements the step by step plan. He is also responsible for building a growth roadmap, creating white labels solutions, taking into consideration corporate goals and strategies.

One of the primary responsibilities of The Chief Technical Officer is to take care of corporate commercial goals using a tech team. In the last few years the gaming and gambling industry has gone through numerous transformations which has evolved to include technological advancements. Considering all this we may say that the ability of the CTO to anticipate the future and to use it in a positive technical way is a key faculty for the company. He plans product development, calculates budgets, manages technical teams, deploys the product, and sets out working processes when considering product updates.

With the latest events like the coronavirus pandemic and the cryptocurrencies starting to dominate in gaming, there are a lot of challenges and opportunities in front of the company. As we all know gambling industry is not inert it is more likely agile and dynamic. This is particularly the case with online gaming with tons of new features and interesting elements that keep attracting more players every year. The gambling industry is rapidly growing and there are a lot of reasons for that. Tech innovations, coronavirus pandemic, better apps, and many other factors make online gaming more popular than ever. It seems like this trend is not stopping any time soon and it is expected to continue growing and getting more influential in the following decade. A CTO with a strong background in the gaming area is the only person who can keep up with all these innovations.

The chief technology officer of the company is usually playing multiple roles in order to be successful. While providing technical expertise, the CTO’s duties exceeds coding or engineering. He cooperates with establishments throughout the company. The chief technology officer’s responsibilities shit between all levels of the company, from C-level collaboration down to production, and then outward to sales and marketing. He provides engineering leadership in all aspects of business, balancing the needs of employees’ and customers’. The CTO’s duties vary: tech strategy building, security issues, team member mentorship, quality checks, new tech trends discovery and implementation, feedback study, and finding effective solutions for on-going tech difficulties are just the some of the examples.

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