Shacks Evolution Studios, a leading game development company specializing in creating innovative and captivating instant games, has announced a strategic partnership with BetStarters a prominent operator in the iGaming industry.

Over the past 5 years, Betstarters has established a strong and reputable presence on the African continent, bringing innovative and exciting betting experiences to local communities. Our commitment to responsible gambling practices, coupled with a deep understanding of the diverse African market, has allowed us to tailor our offerings to meet the unique preferences of African customers. Through strategic partnerships with local businesses and community engagement initiatives, we have not only brought entertainment and excitement to the region but have also contributed to the economic and social development of the communities we serve. As we look ahead, Betstarters remains dedicated to further expanding our footprint in Africa, continuously enriching our services, and fostering long-lasting relationships with our African customers and partners.

From the very beginning, Marco Zucco has viewed Shacks Evolution Studios as a resounding success. The excellent market penetration achieved by Ayofemi Akinlaja is a clear testament to this perception. Through strategic collaborations with operators, Ayofemi Akinlaja has been able to solidify its position in the market, demonstrating the strength and appeal of Shacks Evolution Studios’ products. Marco Zucco’s unwavering confidence in the company’s potential has been validated by the remarkable success and positive reception that Ayofemi Akinlaja has garnered through these partnerships.

About BetStarters

Born in 2016, BetStarters is the new platform that encases in one ecosystem all the functionalities needed by operators in order to be competitive in the fast pace iGaming industry.
Our mission is to support new companies, helping them penetrate the iGaming Market, but also to assist those already active in the field in rebuilding and renovating their platform through to the latest technologies and the best design. We strive to set the highest standard of quality in everything we do. We always want to drive towards “the NEXT” great thing! By constantly challenging ourselves to improve and break new ground.

About Shacks Evolution Studios

Shacks Evolution Studios is an igaming studio developing localized content for the African gambling industry. Our focus is on Instant games and easy to play games. As of today, we currently have a portfolio of 11 diverse instant games ranging from Crash Games to Number Games to Table Games to Spinning Games to Penalty Games and more. These games are carefully curated with the African gamer in mind bringing immersive experiences and relatable content, specially localized to them.
Our goal is to build the development of gaming technologies in the continent and encourage more inclusiveness for Africans.

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